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Lava Fields in Burgundy & Orange

Sale price33.800 ISK

Designed by the IIIF design team, the Lava Fields blanket draws its inspiration from the unique patterns created by lava flow.

The blanket comes in two color versions; one with a  burgundy front and an orange back, and the other with a purple front and a gray back.

Size: 130 cm x 180 cm.

100% Icelandic wool.

Made in Iceland.

Lava Fields in Burgundy & Orange
Lava Fields in Burgundy & Orange Sale price33.800 ISK

made in reykjavík

All our products are made in our factory in Reykjavík. This means that the whole supply chain of our main raw material, Icelandic wool, stays in its country of origin. We believe in this kind of value creation. We create jobs in Iceland, enhance human life and most importantly, we respect nature.

100% icelandic wool

The Icelandic wool has been with Icelanders since colonization. It has evolved over the centuries in the cold northern climate and therefore has a unique combination of two threads resulting in a breathable wool that is warm, light and water repellant.

sustainable process

Water vapor from geothermal heat is mainly used as an energy source in the production of Icelandic woolen yarn. When the wool is washed, the use of chemicals and detergents is kept to an absolute minimum to ensure that the natural fat is not lost so the wool keeps its natural warm, light and water repellant features.